I am what you call a "Jack of all tradesmaster of none". In other words, someone who knows / can do a bit of many different things, but isn't specialized (a master) in anything.

In the past I have played different styles of music:
Blues, Jazz (Swing/Ballads/Hardbop/Jazzrock/Bossanova/Samba/Funk/Soul/Jazzhop/Acid-Jazz/Nu-Jazz), Classical Music (impressionism), Ska/Reggae/Dub, Rock & Roll/Classic Rock, Hiphop, Broken Beat/Drum 'n Bass, House, Disco and Pop (80s/90s).

My performances and compositions were/are mostly influenced by Jazz and (semi-)electronic contemporary music and if you had to "label" my music, then perhaps FusionCrossover and Nu-Jazz would describe my music best.

BUT ... I would not call myself a "Jazz musician", my "Jazz vocabulary" is (in my own eyes/ears) too limited and not "traditional" enough to do so. I'm though trying to do it my own way ... so to say. 


2018 has turned out to become a "turning point" in my career as performing artist. Due to serious chronic physical health problems I have been struggling with since the end of the summer of 2015. The stress that comes with live performance and the irregular "lifestyle" of a performing artist have become to heavy on me physically so I had to make the hardest decision in my life so far: I had to stop playing the saxophone. [ read more ... ]

I2017 the search for a good label started to release the JazzProfilactika album under and soon the one was found: TimeWarp Music. The album was released on October 30, 2017.

I2016 I started the mixing of the 9-track album "Tick Tock". At the end of 2016 all mixing was done.

In 2014 we started composing tracks for a JazzProfilactika album tracks were recorded in 2015/2016 at Studio 21 (Varna) for the debut album of JazzProfilactika.

I2013 I started teaching saxophone at "Music School Bekar" in Varna and a new project "UFON!X" (an experimental Ambient project with a touch of Jazz or "Jazzbient") started, featuring Neyko Bodurov (trumpet), Moodix (programming, sampling, FX) and VJ Synth (real-time visuals & mapping).

In 2012 JazzProfilactika became the focus of my attention, building up original material to perform with. I joined the Blue Brother formation as well.

I2009 I started assisting sound engineer Ivan "Tochka" Boyadzhiev at Studio 21, learning to become a sound/studio engineer using Pro Tools HD9In my spare time I worked on some old and new tracks for "DJazz" (with DJ EmotionDJ JijoMiroslav Petkov (trumpetist) and Ivan Boyadzhiev engineer and co-producer). Tochka and I also formed the Electronic Production Duo "Sober & Sober" and made a couple of remixes.

In January 2007 Dimitar Kalinov (a.k.a. Violent Public Disorders / VPD) and I founded the first Bulgarian union/collective of (underground) beat creators (composers of electronic music) named Trip-BeatMiks. The main purposes: collaborations on projects and boosting the underground scene in Varna as much as possible. This union does not exist anymore at present time. Around the same time the Nu-Jazz group DJazz was revived with DJ Emotion, DJ Ivo-But-Not and Charlie Gotchev in the line-up.

I Emigrated to Bulgaria in 2001. The first 3 years in Bulgaria I did not play on my saxophones at all but continued writing music and creating beats. The first time I performed with saxophone again (after this "sax-sabbatical" of nearly 3 years) was with Ethno-Fusion band “Lot Lorien” from Varna in 2003. From 2005-2008 I was member of the “Desi-re Project” with DJ Ivo-But-NotDesy (vocalist Phuture Shock), and Charlie Gotchev (guitarist).

Between 1998 and 2000 I studied at the Jazz department of the Constantijn Huygens Music Academy (Nowadays named Artez) in Zwolle, The Netherlands (teachers: Rolf Delfos & Allard Buwalda). During my study I played with many different groups and artists and started a Jazz-Hop/Nu-Jazz project called "HSS" (later renamed to “DJazz”) together with DJ Phaze (Olivier Schreuder). In 2000 I stopped playing saxophone (due to serious health problems) and stopped studying.

I started playing violin at the age of 6 (1982) but lost interest about 5 years later, replacing the violin with my first saxophone in 1990 after a few years without. In 1994 I discovered software sequencers and started writing music using PC and synthesizer with Steinberg’s Cubase.


ractically all recordings I have made between 2009 and 2015 (for my own project as well as for several hip hop artists and electronic music producers) were recorded, mixed and mastered by Ivan "Tochka" Boyadzhiev, from whom I learned sound engineering and assisted in engineering (recording and mixing).

Ivan Boyadzhiev (†16.06.2015) ~ Rest in Peace ~

You can listen to some of those recordings on this website, soundcloud and youtube.

At present time I work with: 

DJAZZ (project leader, saxophonist, composer, producer)
with Miroslav Petkov (trumpet), DJ Jijo & DJ Emotion (turntables/scratches) & Ivan Boyadzhiev (engineer - )

JAZZPROFILACTIKA (saxophonist, composer, producer)
with DJ Jijo (turntables), Neyko Bodurov (trumpet), Tsvetan Momchilov (keys & French Horn), Ventseslav Markov (bass) & MD Dimitrov aka "Mr. Moon" (drums).

UFON!X (saxophonist)
with Moodix (DJ), Neyko Bodurov (trumpet) and VJ Synth (VJ). 

In the past I have also played/worked with:

: Tiny Tones (1995-2000 - Dutch Ska & Reggae band), New Street Bigband (1995-1997 - Big Band leader and trumpetist Bert Lochs), Constantijn Huygens Saxophone Quintet (1998-2000), Bigband Allotria (1999-2000), Lot Lorien (2003 - Ethno-Fusion Band), Pizza (2005 - Ska/Skacore band), Trip Collective (2005-2007), De-Sire Project (2005-2008 - Lounge Project), Deepzone Project & Deepzone Bigband (2006-2009, 2015 - House / Pop), Vibe Slaves (2009-2010), Blue Brothers (2012-now), Varna Philharmonic Orchestra (2014), Ума И Дума, (2015), Bandwagon (2015), and others ...

MUSICIANS: Clay Windham (USA), Dimitar Semov (BG), Desislava Andonova (Phuture Shock, BG), "Fingertone" (Phuture Shock, BG)Dimitar Bodurov (BG)Dean Bowman (USA), Maria Ilieva (BG), Harry Sarkisyan (BG), Gueorgui Harizanov (BG), Bertolf Lentink (NL), Miroslav Petkov (BG), Chavdar Gochev (BG), Stratsimir Pavlov (BG), Stoyan "Ya Ya" Royanov (BG), among others ...

DJ/PRODUCERSIvo-But-Not (BG), Emotion (BG), Jijo (BG), Charlie Inman (UK), Asad Rizvi (UK), Tom Gillieron (UK), DJ Guney (TR), Pure Jorick (NL), Max Joy (USA), Peter Skoog (IS), ( DJ Vasquez (BG), Dian Solo (BG), DJ Mitek (Sinful Dragons BG), DJ Borg (BG), D-Soul (BG), Inspecta (BG), Vagebond (DE), and others ... 

RAPPERS (BG): Qvkata DLG, Dimcho, Maxo, Ума И Дума, Monkata ...

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