Ivan "Tochka" Boyadzhiev (Sobar) & Roel Hollander (Sober)

I2009 Ivan Boyadzhiev started his recording studio "Studio 21" in Varna. I assisted him, learning to become a sound/studio engineer using Pro Tools HD9In the first couple of years I was practically every day and every evening at the studio and when his working day was over I stayed to explore the system and experimented with some tracks. He took me "under his wing" and started teaching me things about sound engineering. We formed the Electronic Duo called "Sober & Sober" and made a couple of remixes together. He provided the perfect environment to compose and produce music, in the past 7 years I have had the privilege to use his studio when ever it was free (to work on some tracks or just practice on my sax), a privalige that only very few had. 

Ivan Boyadzhiev (†16.06.2015Rest in Peace.

FOOT NOTE: Even though the tracks in the Soundcloud player above are pitched based on the MHN TCP, do keep in mind that this post production edit took place AFTER the tracks were released on online stores. The tracks available in online stores are in the original recorded pitch (A4=440Hz).

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