Not all music available through my web site is "432-tuned". I have implemented the Most Harmonic Numbers (Tonic Concert Pitch) concept with various pieces, but I work with others (that do not share my views on it), and I have to use C.P. A4=440Hz when performing live (due to limitations of the instruments I use). There for I can not be called a "432 artist".



NOTE: this album uses Concert Pitch A4=432Hz. For more information visit:


NOTES: On Soundcloud all DJazz pieces have been re-pitched using the Most Harmonic Numbers (TCP) concept.

  • The "Aint So Blue Blues" has been released at online stores using MHN TCP (a variant to 432-Tuning). 
  • The piece "A Touch of Jazz" was released through online stores using CP 440Hz. 
  • The piece "Listen to Me (DJazz remix) has not been released and can only be found on Soundcloud.


NOTE: On Soundcloud all "Sober & Sobar" pieces have been re-pitched using the Most Harmonic Numbers (TCP) concept. At online stores they are only available in the (original) CP A4=440Hz.


NOTE: The pieces above that are available at online music stores are released using CP A4=440Hz. Some of them are re-pitched for Soundcloud using the  Most Harmonic Numbers (TCP) concept.

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