COMMERSO (Trading & E-Commerce)

Commerso was founded in 2015 by Dutch entrepreneurs Jeroen Kraaij and Roelant Hollander.

Commerso is a new innovative 
trade and e-commerce company. We envision, construct and manage networks of webshops, blogs and websites. We are not a "large player" on the market but focus on quality productions within the niche markets. The most important target groups within our product portfolio are: music, technology, lifestyle and sport.

3D-printing plays an essential role in the innovation strength of Commerso. We share a vision about the future of technological product development in conjunction with 3D-printing. To us the future has to be sustainable. Our product portfolio is thoughtful and with respect to people and environment. We hope to contribute in sustainable product development through the use of smart innovative methods, such as 3D-printing.

For more information, visit (English) / (Dutch)

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